Total Control and Comfort
One Office at a Time

We handle BTUs efficiently within a building. No more all on or all off with your heating or cooling system. Eliminate the hot and cold spots throughout your building.

Reduce Energy Costs & Carbon Footprint

Interesting Fact

Most Buildings Have Just a Few Heating and Cooling Zones

kepSmart’s “Virtual HVAC Zones” are used to create hundreds to thousands of controlled comfort zones providing tremendous energy savings.

GO Green

How Do We Do It?

Control Equals Savings
AI Algorithms Optimize Efficiency

We Address Sustainability Issues While Providing Comfort

Our Patented Solution Integrates Effortlessly with Any Type of Heating or Cooling System

Going Green Was Never So Simple!

Let Us Show You How Green Energy Incentives Can Pay to
Lower Your Carbon Footprint

We Make Dumb Buildings Smart
And Smart Buildings Even Smarter.

Do Your Part to Reduce Global Warming
While Getting Total Control of Your HVAC System

Knowledge Provides Results

Watch kepSmart Monitor, Control ​
and Analyze Your Building, Making​
Informative Decisions to Lower Your​
Energy Use.​

We Provide the Support​

kepSmart Works on Your Behalf with
Utility Companies Throughout the US to Secure
Green Energy Incentives​
to Fund the Necessary Upgrades to Lower Your
Carbon Footprint

kepSmart is Tuned Uniquely to Each Type of Building to Maximize Savings

School Buildings

Government Buildings

Apartment Buildings

Office Buildings

No Two Buildings are Alike, Nor Are They Used In the Same Fashion.​
Our Hardware Solution Along With Our AI Algorithms Customize Your Building to
Provide the Utmost Comfort.​


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