Heat or Cool

When & Where It's Needed

We make dumb buildings Smart & smart buildings Smarter with our AI-driven control at the end of the pipe or air duct producing comfort and savings of up to 55%

Sustainability That Pays for Itself 

kepSmart instantly produces savings from the day the system is turned on.
Control equals savings; that’s the secret to our savings!

kepSmart’s novel approach of controlling the end of the steam, hot or cold-water pipe, or air duct combined with our AI software produces enough savings to pay for itself while lowering the building’s operating costs and increasing the value of the building.


Green News

JLL: Revamping green leases is critical to decarbonising

PLACETECH 3/29/2023

As real estate occupiers face increased pressure to lower their carbon footprint, and investors are greening their portfolios, green leases can benefit both landlords and tenants while also serving to decarbonize real estate.The bigger picture: The convergence of market forces on real estate to decarbonize are evident – emanating from investors, governments and occupiers, to mention a few. On the occupier front in particular, green leases themselves require upgrades, as these forces need to coh…


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Implications of IPCC report for built environment: urgency to scale existing solutions now for a liveable future


The report from the IPCC is a ‘final reminder’ that the global community urgently needs to mobilise and scale available solutions to deliver a decarbonised, sustainable and resilient future for all global citizens.Why this matters: It’s well-documented that the built environment accounts for ~37% of global carbon emissions and over 1/3 of energy demand, not to mention other adverse environmental consequences. With this outsized impact, the report calls for leaders and policymakers to …


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How AI is helping proptech overtake fintech investment and green the Built World


TECHEU 4/12/2023


AI-enabled Built World startups raised as much as FinTech in 2022, showing investor interest in using machine learning and computer vision to make building construction, management and transactions smarter and more efficient.The intrigue: A/O PropTech’s recently published report explores the use of AI in the Built World, illustrating how AI-embedded tech is the future of proptech. In particular, the report predicts that generative AI will have a significant impact on real estate by optimizing b…


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Blackstone Real Estate Portfolio Companies Join ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance

ULI 4/19/2023

Blackstone is the largest owner of commercial real estate globally, with a $577 billion portfolio, representing a range of property types, geographies, and portfolio sizes. With this addition, ULI Greenprint has exceeded 120 real estate companies, illustrating continued interest in sustainability from the industry.The bigger picture: It’s undoubtedly big news when the world’s largest CRE owner, Blackstone Real Estate, joins a global alliance of key real estate owner and investor stake…


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 The lack of control has never been addressed in hundreds of thousands of buildings.

The average building has either zero or 2 zones for Heating or Cooling.
This is an extremely inefficient waste of Energy and Money.


It’s either all on or all off when heating or cooling and the inability to not heat or cool unoccupied floors or spaces

Cold and hot spots are unavoidable, only sometimes
solved by overheating or overcooling

After hours and weekend heating and cooling is a tremendous waste of energy

The Solution

We handle BTUs efficiently within a building, where there was once a few zones we create hundreds to thousands of controlled “Virtual HVAC Zones”, resulting in a 35-55% Energy Savings.


We handle BTUs efficiently within a building, only using them where there is the most significant need first

Our AI algorithms look at the building as a whole and decide where the available BTUs are needed

Using our wireless solution, we control the heat or cooling at the end of the steam, hot or chilled water pipe and air ducts with our actuators

How It Works

kepSmart is a Software and Hardware Platform. We collect Sensor(s) data at the Sensor Control Unit (SCU), communicate that data to a Sensor Master Unit (SMU) and execute logic on that data. The SMU also connects to the Cloud allowing a user to view the data, change logic and incorporate Artificial Intelligence to optimize energy savings.

Typical Floorplan Without Control

0 Zones

kepSmart Floorplan With Control

35 Zones

Control Equals Savings & Comfort

kepSmart Has Perfected How a
Building is Heated and Cooled

kepSmart’s AI Software

It’s simple! Just a call, and we’re there to survey your building


  • Heating and cooling sources are identified; also, we determine if any of the present control systems are feasible with the new system.
  • Risers, piping, and ducts are traced, and supply and return directions are noted.
  • Floor plans are needed, or we can generate them at the building to determine where and how many Virtual HVAC Zones are required to produce savings of up to 55%.
  • We work with the building support staff to get an overall feeling of where the hot and cold spots that generate complaints throughout the year are located.
  • To finish kepSmart will need energy bills from the past two years so we can identify incentives available for the decarbonization of your building.

Where Can You Find Us?

Many Cities and States have established or are presently establishing Building Performance Standards with decarbonization objectives of 70-95% reduction by 2035-2050. To meet the demand, you can find kepSmart throughout the country.

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